Alain Web-creator Agency – l’une des meilleures agence web de création de site internet au Cameroun

Alain Web-creator - agence web de creation de site internet et d'application web de gestion

Tech237 nous invite à découvrir Alain Web-creator Agency, l’une des meilleures agence web de création de site internet et d’application web au Cameroun ! .

Based in Cameroon and in Senegal , Alain Web-creator™ is a web agency specializing in the creation of websites and management web applications for companies & startup. Aliquam erat volutpat. Curabitur convallis fringilla diam sed aliquam. Sed tempor iaculis massa faucibus feugiat. In fermentum facilisis massa, #alainwebcreator..


The image above happens to be centered.

image-alignment-150x150The rest of this paragraph is filler for the sake of seeing the text wrap around the 150×150 image, which is left aligned.

As you can see the should be some space above, below, and to the right of the image. The text should not be creeping on the image. Creeping is just not right. Images need breathing room too. Let them speak like you words. Let them do their jobs without any hassle from the text. In about one more sentence here, we’ll see that the text moves from the right of the image down below the image in seamless transition. Again, letting the do it’s thang. Mission accomplished!

And now for a massively large image. It also has no alignment.


The image above, though 1200px wide, should not overflow the content area. It should remain contained with no visible disruption to the flow of content.


You could put your code on GitHub, which Ben Balter recommends:

“GitHub’s got a very different culture, and the ability for anyone to submit a pull request is a real game changer. It really lowers the barrier to contribute, and democratizes the entire plugin authoring experience. As a bonus, use GitHub’s built-in wiki functionality to maintain your plugin’s documentation (especially FAQ), so that anyone, even non-technical users, can contribute.

Lastly, if you have plugin tests, integrate with Travis CI so that you can automatically test pull requests before merging. To help you get started, a handful of tools are out there, such as GitHub → deployment scripts and GitHub wiki → WordPress readme converters.”

Site internet:

 missin #alainwebcreator.

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